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NOCN Qualifications

NOCN qualifications are flexible and responsive to learner needs and credit based, consisting of individual units of assessment, each with an assigned level and credit value attached.

Learners who demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes of a specified unit are awarded credits and can collect / accumulate these over times towards the achievement of a full qualification. 



Elite Training Group are independant alternative education provider delivering tailor-made hands-on programmes to young people not in main stream education.

Study Programme

Elite Training Group has been designed for learners aged 10 to 19-years-old and can be tailored to each learner’s individual needs, education and employment goals. We support a significant number of learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

The key elements of the Study Programme are:

Functional literacy and numeracy skills, we support learners to reach functional skills at Level 2 in both numeracy and literacy by the time they finish their learning programme.

Vocational qualifications are accessible to all no matter what levels the young person is working to, our vocational programmes meet the needs of each individual student tailored to each student, as everyone is different. these courses can be anything from construction, farm work, cooking, social care and much, much more.

Work experience, we aim to support all learners into external work placements. This enables the development of good employment skills and with support provides an environment which enables learners to build their confidence and understanding of the world of work.

Study Hours are 10am till 2PM

Elite Training Group is used by schools, training providers and the public for vocational education and community participation. The centre runs programmes and facilities that aim to help people develop skills for life while providing a valuable local resource.

Bespoke programmes

We offer tailored programmes which are designed to operate and support any mainstream and alternative education setting.


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